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Hey gorgeous!

Welcome to the Panthera Palm Beach blog. We have noticed that there is too many unanswered health and beauty questions out there and, unfortunately, too much misinformation. We believe that education is one of the most important things in our industry because it is important that our client’s can make informed decisions and the professionals can lead the industry in the right direction. Social media doesn’t always give good advice and we should always ask and trust the professionals. (I know we can’t be the only ones that watched a YouTube video on how to bleach our dark brown hair as a young adult and proceeded to fry our hair until it starting breaking off) We finally decided to do something about it by writing informational blogs and starting a brand new podcast and YouTube channel, Life and Lashes. Since, lashes are what Meghan started Panthera with we thought it would be appropriate to start the blog by answering the most common asked lash extension questions.

  1. Which lash extensions should I get? Lashes have come along way since they first came out and we honestly think you can’t go wrong with classic, volume, or mega volume. With that being said, make sure you are getting lash extensions. Do not let anyone glue clusters or strips of lashes to your eyelid. These are not lash extensions, however we have seen them advertised as extensions. This is extremely damaging to your natural lashes and it does not look very nice. Classic and volume lashes can both look natural, depending on your goals and the condition of your natural lashes. If you have a healthy a full lash line, volume lashes can also give the density that we find a majority of people are looking for when they get extensions. Mega volume are for the lash lover that does not want to see any space in their lash line (our personal fav) At Panthera, our lash technicians are all trained to discuss your lash goals, analyze your natural lashes, eye shape, and face shape, and design a custom set that will look best for you.
  2. Can lash extensions get wet? Yes, they definitely can. In fact, that is one of our favorite thing about extensions here in Florida. You can swim and sweat and still have flawless lashes without any raccoon eyes from running mascara.
  3. Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes? This is such a difficult question because the answer is it honestly depends on where you get them done. Lashes can damage your natural lashes when applied incorrectly or with prolonged use of lashes that are too long and/or heavy for your natural lash. Make sure that your lash artist makes your natural lashes a priority and you can wear lashes consistently with zero damage. You also have to do some self reflection on this one. If you pick your lashes or rub your eyes you can prematurely pull out an extension and your natural lash. If this is something you do frequently and you don’t think you can stop with extensions then you might want to consider not getting them.
  4. How should I take care of my lashes? Avoid hot tubs and steam rooms, wash them everyday with a lash artist approved cleanser and brush (ask your artist and they can show you exactly how to clean them), if you wear any eye makeup, gently remove it at the end of the day with a lash artist approved makeup remover, do not wear waterproof eye makeup, do not put mascara on your lash extensions, be aware of your lashes around heat and flames, sleep on your back if you can, use a silk pillowcase (bonus it’s great for your hair too), brush your lashes, and of course, take lots of flawless selfies with your perfect lashes!

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