Sunless Prep & Aftercare

woman in orange bikini with long hair holding pineapple on beach

Prep Instructions

  1. Schedule any massage, facial, lashes, pedicure, manicure, or other exfoliating treatment at least 48 hours prior to your tan
  2. 24 hours before your tan shower, exfoliate, and shave. (shaving during your tan can exfoliate your tan prematurely and you will not be able to shower or wash your hair for 24 hours after your tan)
  3. Book your tan two days before any special event.
  4. Arrive to your appointment with loose, dark clothes. No sports bras, no tight jeans, etc.
  5. Arrive to your appointment with clean skin. Do not wear makeup, lotion, perfume, deodorant, oils, etc.

Aftercare Instructions

  1. Follow your spray tan artists instructions on when to rinse and shower. During your rinse so not use anything other than water and do not wash your hair.
  2. Saunas and hot tubs do not get along with your new tan
  3. Your tan can fade faster if you swim in the pool or ocean. If you do go for a swim, make sure you pat your skin dry, do not rub and apply moisturizer immediately.
  4. After you shower, pat dry and moisturize.
  5. Use a gentle sulfate free soap and do not use a loofah.
  6. Use oil free, paraben free moisturizer.
  7. Apply a spray tan safe sun screen when enjoying time outside. Your spray tan will not protect you from sun damage.